Skater Information


$50.00 (10 years and older)
$25.00 (9 years and younger)

Registration cost includes entry to the following races:

  • Marathon (14 years old and up)
  • Half Marathon (14 years old and up)
  • 10K
  • Fun 5K

Skate for a Cure Relay/Individual 5K
$10.00 per person

Skate for a Cure T-Shirt offer:
$20.00 per person

(includes 5K race and “Skate for a Cure T-Shirt)

100% of the entry fee for this race will go directly to the Alzheimer’s Association


26 Miles/26 Laps – 2 hour time limit

Half Marathon
13 Miles/13 Laps – 2 hour time limit

6 Miles/6 Laps

Fun 5K
3 Miles/3 Laps

Skate for a Cure 5K 3-Person Relay/Individual Race
Separate Entry Fee of $10 per person to enter relay
3 Miles/3 Laps

This Skate for a Cure 5K is a special event that it costs $10 to enter the race and 100% of the proceeds from the race will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association.

The Skate for a Cure is 3 Mile/3 Lap race that can be completed as an individual or as a 3-person relay team.

3-Person Relay Team:
Each person will complete 1 lap, tagging/pushing their teammate to complete lap 2 and finally tagging/pushing their last teammate finishing lap 3. How fast do think your team can finish these 3 laps?

Timing will be provided by Empire Timing. Race bibs will contain a chip, which is a transmitting device for timing.

Helmets are mandatory at all times while on the race course for skating races. Wrist, knee, and elbow protection are also recommended.

The entire course for the Connecticut Outdoor Challenge is completely closed to outside traffic. The course MUST be opened to traffic at 1:00pm.

Please be mindful of road conditions. We strive to maintain the best road conditions possible. However, there is always the possibility of cracks, “tar snakes”, bumps, sand and rocks.

Water and first aid will be available at the finish line.

Click here to view a race day map of the start area.