Helmets are required. Safety gear is suggested (wrist guards elbow pads, knee pads). No headphones, no cellphones, no MP3 players, and no ski-type poles are permitted in any category.


I understand and acknowledge that inline skating is an activity involving significant risk, serious personal injury, including disability and death. Acknowledging these risks, I hereby apply to enter the Connecticut Outdoor Challenge, agreeing that I’m solely responsible for my safety. I HEREBY AGREE TO WAIVE AND RELEASE ANY and all claims for injuries or damages, which may incur during, or as a result, of my or my children’s participation in this event, against the Connecticut Outdoor Challenge, its organizers, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, the City of New Britain, CT, event employees, volunteers, officials, officers, directors, agents and medical personnel. I agree that I am solely responsible to be physically fit and sufficiently prepared to participate in this activity and to use equipment of the type and condition reasonably necessary to safely participate in this activity.

Please note personal information will only be used to promote future Connecticut Outdoor Challenge events.

Photo/video images taken by the event staff will be used for Connecticut Outdoor Challenge purposes.

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